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IT Services For HealthcareTM

Affordable IT services for Medical, dental, urgent care clinics and hospitals. We keep watch over your daily technical issues so you don't have to. We'll keep your IT operations up and running quickly!

IT Services For BusinessTM

IT for Business - never easier! Small to mid sized companies require daily IT maintenance and support. Our affordable IT Services make business with computers easier and affordable.
New project? No problem!

IT Services For HomeTM

Get professional IT Help at home! We take care of your daily computer maintenance and any peripheral devices such as printer, hardware, wifi and more. We cover everything - antivirus, network, and cyber security.


IT Urgentcare – Experiencing problems with your IT environment? Need immediate help? Our IT experts will help access your environment either remotely or dispatch engineers onsite to resolve day-to-day hardware, software, virus, printer or data backup issues to get your system operational immediately.

HIPPAWARE – Is your practice HIPAA compliant? Is your security risk analysis ready for audit? Did you complete HIPAA compliance training? We will help you meet these compliance requirements and keep your practice safe from federal penalties.

Website Management – Do you have professional looking website with SEO management to drive traffic to your site? Our web experts can suggest low cost web and digital marketing solutions to increase traffic and make your business visible online.

EMR Assist – Is your team spending more time resolving EMR problems? With EMR Assist service from GeekHospital, our team of experts can assist you with any EMR product you use and work with the EMR vendor to resolve technical issues.

Free Services – CTO-On-Call and CharITy are free IT services being offered by GeekHospital. Your business can utilize free CTO-On-Call service to receive free technical consultation before you make any investment in new technology. CharITy is a free service offered to our clients in setting up IT environment during charitable events.

Mobility – We help install, configure and integrate all mobile applications on your smart devices. Looking for mobile applications for your business? Let us help you design, develop your mobile applications.

Business Consulting – Looking for experienced management consultants with years of Fortune 500 experience? You can now access our pool of expert business advisors to assist you develop business strategy, low cost marketing solutions, reporting and analysis to understand trends and growth plans for your business.



GeekHospital partners with leading service and technology brands.
Send your requests to: partner@geekhospital.com